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Model:         Syntovox SPX 216
Bands:         14
Retail price  1500 Euro
Produced:   19?
Size:            1 HE
Features:     Stereo out , all CV's available on rear connector, VCO, noise, carrier distortion, formant shift.

Our last model which was produced.

We included many new features like stereo output and a variable high pass filter for speech input.
Suited for live as well as studio use.

The yellow pushbuttons provide electronic switching.

Specs, Diagram, PSU, IO , OL , Switch Logic

Left button, carrier select:

  • Carrier input (LEDs off)
  • Speech distortion
  • Internal VCO, sawtooth wave
  • Internal VCO, PWM wave

    Middle button, formant shift:

  • Up formant (analizer 123... -> synthesizer 234...)
  • Normal formant (analizer 123... -> synthesizer 123...)
  • Down formant (analizer 234... -> synthesizer 123...)
  • External patching through rear connector, no internal connections (LEDs off)

    Right button, output:

  • Bypass
  • Vocoder
  • Vocoder + bypass

    The VCO is not 1V/octave, but it makes it easier to get started or to do a demo.
    Stereo was achieved by mixing odd synthesis channels to left and even to right. 

    Backpanel connecter:


    The connector for this is a DIN 41612 connector. Fi harting 09 03 232 6824.

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