Dutch Synths


Spare parts for the Fenix (I) II-III are still availlable, Price excl.  shipping costs

Other parts please mail me.

See  Spare parts at Synton.nl

Part   Price Used in
IC CA3080 OTA DIL-8 (Intersil & RCA) 1,50 euro Fenix 1. II, Syrinx, Synton 1000 & 3000, Syntovox 202,222,221
IC HCF4006 DIL-14 (SGS) 1,00 euro Fenix 1. II
IC HA4741 DIL-14 (Harris) 1,00 euro Synton products
IC CA3046  DIL-14 (Intersil) 1,00 euro Fenix 1. II, Syrinx, Synton 3000
IC MC34084 DIL-14 (Motorola) 2,50 euro Fenix 1
IC NJM5532L-JRC/N Dual Op Amp Sip-8;
IC XR-4195 DIL-8 (EXAR) 1,50 euro  Synton products like Syntovox 221
IC MX7545 DIL-20 (Maxim) 3,00 euro Fenix III
Radiohm P160BA Potmeter 3,00 euro Syrinx, Only 10kA, 22kA,  and 1MB are availlable
Radiohm CIP160C, Potmeters,  D-shaft 210, B=Log, ALin No stock System 3000
Radiohm CIP160C,, Potmeters​,  D-shaft120,  B=Log, A=Lin 2,00 euro Only  Few 10kA, 10kB, 10kC, 10kS, 220kA, d-shaft 120
Knobs, small Fénix 1 1,00 euro Fenix 1
Knobs, large Fénix 1 1,25 euro Fenix 1
Taiwan Alpha RV16AF and RV16AEF, 6mm K-shaft,  A=Log, B=Lin 1,50 euro Fenix
Knobs, small-​ Rean F313, Flexi-Fit Control Knob, red/blue/black, for k-shaft No stock   Fénix II-III
Knob, large-​Rean F317, Flexi-Fit Control Knob, red, for k-shaft No stock Fénix II-III
Vactrol VTL5C3-2 (PerkinEimer) Few left 6,50 euro Fenix II
Vactrol VTL5C2 (PerkinEimer) Few left 4.50 euro
Banana patchcords 25 cm,  about 10″ 1,75 euro Black, 15,75 euro for 10
Banana patchcords 50 cm,  about 20″ Few left 2,25 euro Yellow, green and red, 20,25 euro for 10
Banana patchcords 100 cm,  about 40″ 2,75 euro Blue, 24,75 euro for 10
Banana patchcords 100 cm, about 40″ 2,25 euro Blue  only one side a banana plug, 20,25 euro for 10
Toggle switch 2 pos, T8019L; No stock Fenix II and III 
Toggle switch 3 pos, T8020L No stock Fenix II and III 
Push switch, P8701; No stock Fenix II and III 
TL072CN-ST DUAL J-FET OP AMP DIP8; No stock Fenix L II and III 
TL074CN-ST QUAD J-FET OP AMP DIP14;  1,50/10 Fenix `I, II and III 
TLE2142 Dual Low-Noise High-Speed DIP8 2,50/1 Fenix II and III 
TLE2144 Quad Low-Noise High-Speed DIP14 3,50/1
LM311N-ST SINGLE CPR DIP-8 2,50/5 Fenix 1 and II
MN3007 BBD, 1024 stages- DIP8 5/1
KRL Bantry Tempco 1k 1% 2,50/1
BC547B.116- TRANSISTOR NPN TO92 3,00/100
BC557B.116- TRANSISTOR PNP TO92 3,00/100
Red led 5mm (old type)  1,00/10 Fenix 1